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Cremation Services

      Cremation is another option when choosing the final disposition of the body. Cremation is gaining widespread popularity for its many economic and ecological advantages.

     When choosing cremation, there are three basic services available which could include an unlimited amount of options.

     The three basic services include a Traditional Service followed by Cremation, Cremation with a Memorial Service, and Direct Cremation.

     The first service is a traditional service including visitation at the funeral home, a funeral service and a graveside service, after which, the body is cremated.

     The second service involves cremation of the body followed by a ceremony celebrating the life of the deceased at a later time. This ceremony can be held at the funeral home, a house of worship, or other location deemed appropriate by the family and can include visitation for family and friends. Private ceremonies can also be arranged. If a traditional viewing is not desired, in most cases arrangements can be made for the family to view the deceased before cremation.

     The third option is direct cremation. When choosing this option, the deceased is cremated without any viewing or ceremony and the remains are returned to the family.

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