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Why Plan Ahead?

     Pre-planning is another service offered by Kiesinger Funeral Services, Inc.. Pre-planning is a great idea for many reasons. First and foremost, it takes the burden off of your family during their difficult time. Most try not to be a burden during their time of living, but usually don't like to think of their time of death. Pre-planning allows you to take care of every detail in advance so that your loved ones can better use their time together during your loss to grieve and heal.

     Pre-planning arrangements can be made at any time during a personal meeting either at our home or yours. During the meeting, you can plan every detail of your funeral. Choice as basic as burial or cremation and as detailed as the make and model of casket, type of urn, color of clothing, etc. can be detailed. Pre-planning is a very responsible choice and its popularity is ever-growing for obvious reasons.

     With pre-planning also comes the option of prepaying for your funeral. While not required, prepaying can be a very cost-effective method of financing your funeral. There are several options available when prepaying. These can all be discussed during the pre-planning meeting. For more info please contact us for a personal consultation.

Help take the burden off your loved ones by taking your end-of-life
decisions in advance, in a calm and thoughtful atmosphere.
Contact us to schedule a meeting
to discuss your pre-planning options: 570.457.4387


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