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Andrew Shean

Andrew Shean, 60, of Hughestown passed away on July 9, 2023. Born in Avoca November 29, 1962. He was the son of the late Edward and Constance Neary Shean.

We need to take the time to honor and celebrate the life of an extraordinary man - Andrew Shean

His absence is so profoundly felt, yet we know his spirit echoes in all of us who had the pleasure of having him in our lives. We sit here with such heavy and broken hearts that are smothered in grief, yet so rich with the lessons our dad gifted us. Lessons of love, life, wisdom, music, pain, humility, and peace.

Dad wasn't just a man - he was a beacon of strength, a deep reservoir of wisdom, and a safe haven of comfort.

When life felt like a terrible storm with raging waters, he was the lighthouse guiding us home. He was an exceptional man who understood the intricacies of life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. He was an amazing musician who taught us all the importance and beauty of sound. There's a saying "if art is the decoration of space, music is the decoration of time" and he was a man who knew damn well how to decorate time.

The lessons our dad taught were not just consistently displayed through his actions but through his stories of wisdom, the warmth of his character, and the music he played. He had this innate ability to comfort us all during turbulent times and to bring the peace amid all the chaos and noise. He was the embodiment of a silver lining - a constant reminder that every dark cloud contains the rain to nourish growth.

We will all miss him. But we don't want to just mourn his absence, we want to celebrate his life and cherish the memories left with us. A life that was characterized by courage, compassion, and the beautiful melody of life. He left us with memories that will forever live on and guarantee a smile on our faces.

We find it hard to accept that some of our children will never hear his laughter, never see the passion in his eyes, never receive his sound advice that he was so willing to share with those that needed it. They may never experience his being firsthand, but we'll be damned if they don't know him through the stories we tell, through the lessons we pass onto them, through the memories that live on. We know he will be with them forever.

Our father's body may have left this world, but he will never leave us. We are proud his blood runs through us. We are proud he was our dad. We are so lucky to have been his children. He will live on within each one of us. Every decision we make, every hurdle we overcome, every victory we celebrate, and every loss we suffer will have a touch of his guidance, his critique, and his wisdom throughout. It is through us - his family, his friends, that he will continue to shape the world we design.

We wish for more time. We will beg and plead for more memories to cherish. But we know that no amount of time would have ever felt enough. We are so grateful and so very fortunate for the time we had, for the love he gave, for the person he was, and for the legacy he leaves behind.

In honor of pops, we ask that we all carry his spirit within us and let it flourish. Let us be the beacon in someone else's storm, let us spread comfort and wisdom to one another when its needed. Let us remember him not with sadness, but with the joy, music, and warmth that he filled our lives with.

Thank you Dad, for everything. Your lessons will be our guiding light, your memories will be our crutch, and your love will be our strength. Your legacy will live on, forever imprinted in all of us.

God Bless, Safe Home …

Andrew was the son of Edward and Constance Shean, he is survived by his children, Andrew, Joshua (Noelle), Ethan (Araceli), and Rhiana (Eric); grandchildren, Avery, Scarlett, Zephyrin, Leif, Izan, Violet, and Adali; siblings, Edward, Connie, and Maria; and mother to his children, Francine Fargione.

Friends and family will gather to pay respects on Saturday, July 15, from 2-4 pm, at Kiesinger Funeral Services, 255 McAlpine St., Duryea, PA. A private interment will follow.

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Michael Coyle
Michael Coyle
Jul 15, 2023

Attended grade school with your dad. Great guy, super fun to be with and was not afraid to “march to the beat of his own lead guitar solos”. Great


Jul 13, 2023

What a wonderful tribute! I am so sorry for your loss. Andrew was also a beacon of joy and laughter for his former classmates at St. Mary's. His smile, kindness, and zest for life will not be forgotten. Maureen Walsh.


Jul 13, 2023

To have a tribute like that written by his children speaks to what a wonderful person he was! Peace to your hearts and peace to his soul.

Ann Walsh Quinnan

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